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SUMMER HOLIDAY HOME IN ITALY. This palace is located at the edge of the town with a non-suitability for building guarantee around. A possible real estate business can be a little apartment complex, to be used as holiday home. This structure has already been destined to a high-level classic tourism and a young tourism with camper vans and caravans, sea view, located 6 km away from the beach, 30 minutes from ski resorts, 20 minutes from the airport, 1 ½ hour from Rome.
As for the restoration works, considering that works for 100,000 euros are already included in the price as handout, the remaining costs to bring the palace back to its old splendour could be around 150,000 euros (this sum obviously depends on the type of modernization one wants to reach, for example the old staircase with pillars and vaults has a central space for a lift but this is not included in the sum we mentioned, or the huge cellars, that can be used for meetings, lecture rooms, folk shows, theatrical performances, but a sum for technological audio-visual systems is not foreseen. Other solutions for the real estate business in Italy and particularly for the holiday home can be found in the site.

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