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FARMHOUSE. Exclusive country house built in Italy in a quiet panoramic area where the building of other houses is not allowed. Circa 300 m² floor area, 4,500 m² land with old and new tree stock that requires little care because of the grand and spacious lawn. To this old farmhouse to restore belongs a hayloft with an old pizza oven and a sauna. This outbuilding can also be used as garage, store-room or workshop.
The house is equipped with a gas central heating according to law. There are two wood-burning ovens as well for the transitional periods.
Located on the top of a hill 250 m above sea-level, this villa was originally a manor house whose north part was is of natural store and is about two hundred years old, while the south part was added approximately 120 years ago.
The particular attraction of this villa is on the one hand the enchanting position due to the wide view over the valley northward and on the other hand the view over the mountains almost two thousand metres high southward. VILLA IN ITALY

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