cottage for sale in Italy (marches - abruzzo - tuscany - umbria)

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COTTAGE FOR SALE IN ITALY. The perfect solution for those wishing to buy a cottage in Italy. About 300 m² floor area, 4,500 m² land with old and new tree stock that requires little care because of the grand and spacious lawn. A hayloft with an old oven to bake pizzas and a sauna belongs to the house. This outbuilding can also be used as garage, store-room or workshop.
The house is equipped with a gas central heating according to law. It was spent a lot of money to renovate and improve the house, the hayloft, and the whole surroundings. Great store was also set on the use of sound materials and on the carrying out of the insulation and the drainage of the frontal side of the house. Inside there are tasteful and easy-care tiles. There is a modular kitchen as well. The house has a well, able to supply both the house and the garden. Surely a house for sale also to be considered for an investment. Further available real estate offers in the marches - abruzzo- tuscany and umbria.

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